We make ourselves available to interested companies to carry out new electric mobility projects, starting with the design of the idea up to serial manufacturing.

We can carry out the entire project and work for OEMs from product engineering, choosing the most appropriate components and the most advanced current technological evolution, taking into account maximum safety, the reduced space available and minimum maintenance.

We can manufacture electric traction systems for both freight and passenger vehicles. We carry out feasibility studies and evaluate the cost of transforming a single vehicle, or an entire fleet of thermal or hybrid vehicles, into electric vehicles.
We carry out feasibility studies and evaluate the cost of transforming a single vehicle, or an entire fleet of thermal or hybrid vehicles, into electric vehicles.


We provide online management of the entire network associated with electric vehicles. We calibrate the parameters of the vehicles remotely to achieve energy savings and a reduction in the cost of vehicle maintenance.


We help choose the most appropriate drive, from the inverter or motor to the most suitable transmission, all calibrated and controlled through CAN BUS to maintain maximum efficiency at all times.

We have different inverter options for powers of:

  • 1Kw to 300Kw
  • 24V to 800V

The motors are adapted to the demands of the application and according to the inverter chosen.

The powers can go from 1Kw to 300Kw and a motor device up to 8000 Nm.

These systems will be able to offer maximum efficiency also taking advantage of regenerative braking.


At Renobat we manufacture a range of HP (high power) batteries complying with the the specifications for application in different sectors. We have different solutions:

  • Lithium-iron-phosphate batteries (the most used and recommended)
  • LiFePO4 lithium batteries (more stable, safe and durable)
  • Modular batteries

LiFePO4 lithium batteries are more stable, safe and durable than any other type of battery, being interesting for critical applications such as:

  • Aeronautics
  • Robotics
  • Automotive
  • Medicine
  • Logistics warehouses

For this reason, we achieve a much longer payback with minimal maintenance.. Some of itsmain characteristics are:

  • Up to 3000 cycles at 100% discharge.
  • Double the energy capacity of comparable lead-acid batteries.
  • No energy leaks.
  • High performance working capacity in temperatures from -20Cº to 60Cº.
  • Fast charging capability.

We design and implement any battery system with 3.2V LiFePO4 elements.

The settings are customizable to each type of project:

  • With a voltage range from 12V to 800V
  • With a capacity from 40Ah to 1000Ah


      At Renobat we can also design modular solutions to alleviate partial failures. In this way, we can ensure that a vehicle continues to operate for a sufficient period of time to ensure the safety of travelers or merchandise and give technicians time to fix faults.


      The design development and the components used are flexible, as well as the control system that allows an adaptation of the system to a set of restrictions to guarantee interoperability and communication between each module.



        We supply and configure high-power chargers for all types of electric vehicles:

        • Fast or slow charge
        • Internal or external location
        • Induction chargers

        Our chargers are adaptable to cars, forklifts and all types of handling vehicles, especially if they are designed to work with LiFePO4 batteries.

        • The available voltage range is from 12V to 800V
        • The amperage can be configured from 10A to 500A

        Each charger supplied is configured and commissioned using the PWM, CAN BUS or CAN OPEN protocol.

        At Renobatwe help you choose the most suitable high-power charger taking into account the type of charge required(normal or fast, internal or external).

        • auto_awesome Quizás quisiste decir: Nuestros cargadores van de 2 kW hasta 200 kW. volume_up 44 / 5000 Resultados de traducción Our chargers range from 2kW to 200 kW.
        • Our chargers offer special charging algorithms.Thanks to these characteristics we can ensure the best operation, optimize charging times and extend its useful life. The chargers are controlled by BMS through CAN BUS control and under the most demanding standards supervised by our team.


        Our management systems are BMS that can be programmed and managed via Wi-Fi and which, related to batteries, ensure sustainable operation, regardless of the technology used.

        These management systems simplify performance analysis and are essential for monitoring the health of various battery components and tracking operational data.

          Renobat’s BMS system actively controls the charge balance of all battery cells and protects it by preventing it from operating outside its optimal range, avoiding undervoltage or overvoltage., avoiding undervoltage or overvoltage. In this way we achieve maximum performance and maximum longevity for each of our batteries.

          In the case of the LiFePo4 battery it needs to be monitored at all times to prevent it from working outside its safe operating area.
          In order to optimize battery capacity and prevent undervoltage or overvoltage, our system monitors the battery components.
          Automatically sends the information to the charger for a perfect and balanced charge at all times.


          We design all the most suitable power electronics for the application that the client needs so that they have maximum safety:

          • Contactors
          • Fuses
          • Converters

          All the components that are part of the electric vehicle are completely managed by the Battery Control Unit.


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            Lithium batteries are innovative energy systems based on lithium iron phosphate (LiFePo4). They can replace a conventional lead-acid battery in all types of electric vehicles with multiple benefits available instantly.

            The use of the lithium-ion battery system significantly optimizes intralogistics processes for the great benefit of fleet operators, forklift users and other electrically powered industrial trucks.

            We analyze the logistics of the company to determine which machines are working excessively, eliminating the possibility of fully charging the battery (essential for a lead battery). Thanks to this analysis we can recommend the right LiFePO4 battery for each case.

            Our batteries are focused on giving equipment t the ability to move at high speed adequate, carrying a great weight. In addition to being able to work in temperatures ranging from-20°C to 65°C.

              Why choose LiFeP04?

              Fast charge

              in 2 – 3h


              You can work
              between -28ºC and 45ºC

              Useful life

              6000 cycles


              power 100%
              until dowload

              Without maintenance

              They do not need
              distilled water


              Free of emissions and without polluting agents


              Can be charged

              Without memory

              It can be left half charged for a while

              Useful life

              No battery swap needed


              High security without danger
              of fire or explosion


              We develop the best energy charging and storage solutions for AGV. Our high quality solutions, designed to ensure the maximum performance of this equipment, allow us to guarantee energy savings and an improvement in the competitiveness of the equipment.

              Special AGV





              Pallet trucks





              Forklift forks

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