The technology of electric vehicles

The technology of electric vehicles

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In the following articles the technicians of Renobat ®will talk to us about electric vehicles, their technology, compared between thermal and electric vehicles and, finally, the vision and future of the transport of citizens and goods in the cities Intelligent we imagine.

The chain of traction of the electric vehicles is constituted by a certain number of new elements with respect to the traditional thermal chain, which we describe briefly.

  • The electric motor

The electric motor forms the heart of the electric traction chain, allows the rotation of an axis when transforming the electric power.

  • The main battery or traction battery

The battery plays the role that the fuel tank plays in a thermal vehicle.

It is used to power the electric motor in alternating current via the inverter and the air conditioning and the heating directly in direct current.

  • The charger

As you can see in the enclosed diagram, the charger allows to transform alternating current 220 V from the domestic network into continuous current required to recharge the battery.

  • The waver

The inverter allows the direct current of the battery to be transformed into alternating current necessary for the operation of the electric motor.

  • The transmission

The transmission, limited to a reducer, allows to transform a rotation of the axis of the electric machine into a rotational movement of the axle of the wheels.

These are the main points of technology in electric vehicles.

Renobat ®, together with its partners, is a company specializing in the transformation of thermal or hybrid vehicles into electric. If you want to transform your fleet of thermal vehicles, or part of them, in electric get in touch with our technical department.

This post is also available in: esEspañol caCatalà