The solutions that provide electric mobility to cities

Las soluciones que aporta la movilidad eléctrica a las ciudades

The solutions that provide electric mobility to cities

Renobat’s technical team, after finding out which are the main challenges of the big cities, has reached a consensus on the solutions that the electric mobility will apply to solve these problems.

Faced with the increasingly important air quality problems of densely populated urban environments, 100% electric vehicles with zero emissions allow the reduction of all emissions associated with combustion vehicles, from greenhouse gases, such as CO2 or methane, to other pollutants such as NOx, particulates or hydrocarbons. Not burned, among others. With solutions of electric mobility we will pass to CO2 0g emissions which have a great impact on the public health.

It will help reduce energy consumptionas the price of the electric vehicle load will be about €2 every 100km.

We will approach the cities without noise. We will pass noise emissions from a van from 79 db to 3750rpm to a 0 db electrical. As well as being able to access areas that are forbidden to vans or thermal vehicles.

electric mobility will help to decongest traffic. A large part of the brands is betting on the shared car with the possibility of enabling systems of electric vehicles sharing (e-sharing)

These are some of the solutions that Renobat glimpses in the short term and that allow to effectively reduce the negative impacts that the increase of mobility generates in the urban environment of the cities.

If you want to contribute to reduce these problems you can get in touch with Renobat ® that will give you the best proposal to your case.