The sale of electric cars in Spain is shot 81% in July

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The sale of electric cars in Spain is shot 81% in July

the registrations of electric vehicles in Spain grew 81% compared to the same month of 2016 with 673 units to the month of July.

According to the data published this Wednesday by the Spanish Association of Manufacturers of automobiles and trucks (Anfac). In the first seven months of 2017, the deliveries of this type of cars in the Spanish market reached a volume of 3,636 units, which represents an interannual increase of 33%.

As for the hybrid models, the Spanish car market was placed in 5,091 units in the seventh month of the year, with an increase of 74% compared to the units sold the same month of 2016. On the other hand, the total sales of hybrids between January and July reached the figure of 32,072 units, which results in a strong progression of 91%.

As a whole, this market for hybrid and electric mobility won 5,764 new units last month, 74% more, while the accumulated until July was 35,708 units, an annual increase of 83%. Anfac explained that this increase in sales is explained because part of the manufacturers are increasing their supply, which causes more and more customers to value electric vehicles as a real option to buy or transform the thermal electrical such As proposed by Renobat ®.

Tesla presents his first mass electric

Precisely this week the Tesla electric vehicle manufacturer has presented the one that wants to become its first model of masses, more affordable compared to the previous cars of the Californian company. Model 3 goes to the U.S. market at a price of 35,000 dollars, but the cost for Europe has not yet been detailed.

The new mass electric has a real autonomy of 350 km in the most basic versions (it is possible to acquire versions with more storage capacity, which extend the autonomy) and its recharge time in one of the Super loaders of the Tesla network is of little more than Med The Hour.