The light continues to go up despite the new system, says the OCU

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The light continues to go up despite the new system, says the OCU

The bill of millions of Spaniards has risen 8% this summer. And it could have been worse, as wind power has helped dampen the BLOW. In the coming months it does not seem that prices will go down, so the government’s optimism begins to Wither.

The organization of consumers and users (OCU) already warned that in summer consumers were going to receive bad news Electrical. “unfortunately, it has been fulfilled.” Whoever has the regulated rate, the small voluntary price (PVPC), which are the vast majority of spaniards, has suffered in July a rise in the Bill of light of 8% (compared to the previous quarter).

The new system to calculate prices (with 24 different rates for each of the days of the Year) has not managed to lower what the Spanish pay to push the Switch.

The future looks dark
The Panorama “is not exactly hopeful.” On the horizon are not guessed down for what is the year. And right now we are in average prices higher than August 2013. The Ministry of Industry forecasted that electricity would drop in price for 2014, “but its optimism has it crude.”

In the graph that accompanies this news can be seen an estimate of the price of the kWh (including the Tolls) and compared the 12 months of 2013 with those of 2014:

And below the average monthly price of the term energy in the daily market (€/MWh) compared 2013 and 2014 month to Month.