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Electric mobility

Elaboration of projects from the design of the idea to the production in series as well as the electrification of vehicles.

Renobat ® is made available to companies interested in carrying out new electrical mobility projects from the design of the idea to the production in series.Renobat can carry out the whole project and works for OEMs from the product engineering by choosing the most suitable components and the most advanced current technological evolution (inverters, drives, power electronics, BMS, batteries, chargers, e-mobility) taking into account the maximum safety, the reduced space available and the minimum maintenance.

renobat® está en disposición de llevar a cabo desde proyectos pequeños como neveras portátiles para restaurantes hasta grandes proyectos como son las modificaciones de autobuses térmicos a eléctricos pasando por la electrificación de coches, motos o barcos.

renobat va adquiriendo estos últimos años una gran experiencia en el mercado de la movilidad eléctrica siendo uno de los pioneros en el campo de la tracción eléctrica.

El mercado de vehículos eléctricos no ha experimentado un verdadero auge en estos últimos años.

Aun así renobat® ha seguido estudiando y haciendo prototipos para conseguir una buena experiencia y una buena ventaja tecnológica en electrónica de potencia y gestión de la energía.

renobat está en disposición de fabricar sistemas de tracción eléctrica tanto para vehículos de transporte de pasajeros como de mercancías.

renobat® se pone a disposición de empresas o particulares para estudiar la viabilidad y evaluar el coste de la transformación de un vehículo o flotas de vehículos térmicos o híbridos en eléctricos.

Cualquier empresa o departamento de ingeniería se puede poner en contacto con nosotros para que le asesoremos en la fase en que se encuentre el proyecto.

We have different offers of maintenance and after-sale service in electric mobility: Preventative Maintenance Corrective Maintenance Selling Accessories Software Maintenance Remote Maintenance Phone supportThe Renobat ® Team will advise you on the most appropriate option according to your specific needs.


Non-conductive material handling vehicles for safely moving loads.

Structure of an AGV systemThe AGV implementing Renobat ® are non-conductive material handling vehicles used to safely move loads in factories or warehouses. Battery-operated mobile robots are controlled by a monitoring system that allows to work independently the interface with the operators and the communication with other equipment (conveyors, automats, WMS, ERP, etc.)Security systemOur AGV solutions are designed to operate safely and in contact with operators.Handling the load can be a dangerous and costly exercise (damage to transported goods, collisions produced by hand trucks, etc.). An AGV system, unlike traditional hand trucks, allows you to significantly reduce internal costs and improve security.Anti-collision SystemsThe detection of obstacles in an AGV computer is fundamental in security so that they can interact safely with the operators while optimizing their speed. When an AGV, by means of sensors, they force the equipment to stop.Signaling Devices Alarms and warning lights: warning lights are displayed to prevent operators from visually approaching an AGV (running AGV, direction changes, light indicator on the ground to indicate their way…) Alarms and warning sounds: audible warnings are used to signal that an AGV enters an area identified as sensitive, when operated backwards or when there is a defect (emergency stop, detection of an obstacle…)Emergency stop buttonsPressing any of the buttons that equips the AGV stops.AccessoriesThe optional devices, depending on their environment and adapted to their specific needs, can complement the basic safety equipment of our AGV (detection of the low forks, height of the obstacles…)In addition to piloting, safety of navigation and the precision of the guide, we have several hardware devices to ensure the safety of our AGV systems, their products and their staff.

Logistic analysisPrior to the purchase of any Aquipo AGV the engineering department of Renobat ® will conduct an exhaustive analysis of the current logistics of your company. It will also analyze the factors by which it is more profitable to make an investment in AGV instead of a manual trolley.Why buy an AGV instead of a standard wheelbarrow?Main advantages: Transfer of loads of very different sizes Multiple load capacity Flexible and customizable Productivity gains, reduced operating costs, optimization of storage capacity improved working conditions for operators and reduction of musculoskeletal disorders Real-time Control of product and shipping traceability Guaranteed the safety of the process, of the loads and people 24h/365d Optimum performance Rapid return on investment (ROI)

Turnkey projects: Design and manufacture of the AGVWith the data collected in the initial stage of operations analysis, The Renobat ® team of engineers advised by the manufacturing team will study and design the most appropriate solution for optimizing internal logistics. It will also be able, if necessary, to design the necessary concrete tools with which to achieve this Optimization of both space and time and economic.Renobat offers the possibility of making a prototype of the proposed solution to check the operation of the proposed integral system and its contributions before implementing it in the client’s production processes.

Integration of the management software in the general management system of the companyAs important as the Renobat ® AGV Vehicle itself, it is the management software behind it.An AGV is much more important than a transport carrying your products from point A to point B.The powerful software that Renobat will make available to the customer, and that is behind the AGV vehicles, can convert their existing conventional shelving facilities into a smart warehouse. Any area of your ship can become an automatic warehouse, with traceability controls, FIFO, or the system that your process requires.The work screens for its operators are configurable, to adapt them to the needs, adjusting the displayed information, making it an easy and intuitive graphical interface.The “Warehouse management” Software controls picking processes, supports manual manipulations in the products. It distributes its products optimizing the logistics, classifying according to weight, dimensions, proximity to a zone, etc.The trajectory edition is done with the “route manager”, a software in a simple 3d design area, which includes priorities, efficiencies, etc.In addition, with the possibility of remote control, from our facilities we can connect to the system to make modifications, reviews, monitoring,… without displacement.any incidents will be notified immediately by SMS and by email, to the department involved, be it logistics, production or maintenance. Without having to install a software complex, from any PC in your facility you will be able to monitor the status of your AGVs fleet.The way to transport the load is by means of the carriages. They are characterized by their simplicity in their use. They are very useful in the automation of coupling chains. This type of vehicle uses a magnetic guidance to fix the layout to follow that together with RFiD technology configures the routes and stations of loading and unloading.Main features of the software that will provide Renobat ® Transport management, AGV fleet Absolute Control Control: Optimizing traffic, itineraries and transportation Easy to view and edit routes in 3d Windows applications, by mobile, email and SMS Reports and reports of utilization, breakdowns, transport flow,… all configurable Powerful Logistic Control system tool for automatic and manual storage Registration, collection, traceability and tracking of cargo Selection in location store optimized by zone, size or weight 3d Warehouse Visualization and Management Programmer with Time control functions

Maintenance and after-salesWe have different maintenance offers and after-sales service of AGV: Preventative Maintenance Corrective Maintenance Selling Accessories Software Maintenance Remote Maintenance Phone supportThe Renobat ® Team will advise you on the most appropriate option according to your specific needs.

UPS Equipment

installation, repair and maintenance services and telemaintenance to measure for any company.

What is a UPS? What’s the use?

At Renobat ® We are concerned about the safety of your facilities and that is why we have and offer the most advanced and innovative equipment in electrical protection to guarantee the continuity of your business at all times. Renobat ® ‘s Uninterruptible power Supply Division is dedicated exclusively to engineering, marketing and maintenance of UPS equipment.

Uninterruptible power supply systems , UPS (Uninterruptible power supply), are systems responsible for ensuring the supply and quality of the power supply, regardless of the network. The main objective is to protect the electrical and electronic equipment from supply cuts and the irregularities of the network signal (micro-cuts, variations in voltage and/or frequency, harmonics…).

With the UPS avoid the high costs that produce in the company this type of incidents, either by:

  • Physical damage to equipment
  • Damage to computer applications and data bases (information integrity)
  • Impact on production lines by machine stops, double work for loss of information or integrity in the process
  • Impact on the commercial network due to unavailability, delays, penalties for non-compliance with ANS/SLA… that directly derive from a decrease in customer confidence

ups are systems that no one remembers until the time of the disaster: there is an electrical failure and no UPS installed or was not in optimal operating conditions for poor maintenance and did not fulfil its purpose.

We offer solutions in UPS equipment to all Spain.

Installing UPS EquipmentIn the event that the response to a need requires new equipment to be separate from the standard models in our catalog, Renobat ® makes available its specialized technical department that will design the solution that ensures compliance with The objectives of a fault-free power supply. The service offered by the technical department includes from the study of the necessity to the elaboration of the corresponding reports, plans, previous projects and projects of technical or organisational character.Once the solution has been designed, Renobat ® will take care of everything related to the acquisition, planning, installation and commissioning of the solution: Agreement with the timing client for the execution of the project Development of the Implementation plan Planning the acquisition of UPS equipment Provision of human and technical resources Execution of the installation plan up to the start up of the UPS equipment As a last step the design of the maintenance Plan that best suits your needs

Repair of UPS equipmentIn Renobat we have a professional technical service and specialized in UPS equipment to be able to satisfy all the needs of the client.In the event of a malfunction of the equipment, Renobat’s technical staff will be in charge of examining the UPS equipment to repair and find the best solution to the problem.After performing the repair, a detailed report will be delivered with the procedures performed at any time and the materials and parts replaced.With our professional technical team specializing in repair of UPS equipmentwill receive a service of high quality and confidence.

Replacement of UPS batteriesAll UPS Batteries have a life cycle and must be replaced after a few years of use, varying depending on the temperature, the load voltage to which it has been subjected, etc.To do this it is necessary to carry out rigorous tests of discharge and/or verification of the same ones to guarantee its good condition.Renobat puts at your disposal a battery replacement service for your UPS equipment. Our specialized technicians will replace the UPS batteries in a professional way, without at any time jeopardizing the operation of their equipment.Our UPS batteries are compatible with all UPS equipment and comply with EUROBAT standards.

Technical Support and Maintenance serviceAware of the importance of maintenance in the life cycle and the useful life of Renobat ® Industrial Equipment has the best professional technical means to execute the maintenance processes and programs with total guarantee of success.With Renobat ®, each customer chooses their hours of service (5/10, 5/12, 7/24…) in the time slot that best suits their needs and with the response times (from 2 H natural) you need.While each client is a different case, renobat structures its preventive maintenance programs around 2 types of revisions: no total stop review. These are reviews that do not affect the operation of the UPS equipment. full Stop review. Includes equipment shutdown and synchrony tests, transfer, retransfer, input cut, battery bank autonomy Test,… together with the system startup and in line with critical load3 Basic maintenance levels are also established: Revisions frequency Telephone Service Hours ANS Response Time(*) These conditions are only a reference, adapting to each client in each case.

Telemaintenance ServiceServi24 is a system that implements Renobat ® in your company and that allows the continuous control and monitoring of the SAI’s installed in our clients.It provides the necessary information to our technical maintenance teams so that they can know the state of each ups at all times and, in this way, make the correct decision in case of a possible incident.The system allows to know, in real time, the state of operation of the equipment and its environment, allowing the client to completely worry about the supervision and control of the UPS. When the system detects any incident/anomaly in the UPS, an alarm is skipped and the system notifies you via email and SMS to both the customer and Renobat ®technical staff.The main features of this system are: SNMP Connection Monitoring via web with remote access to the computer UPS parameter Settings Turning the UPS off and on Sending alarms via email or SMS Events and Values History Monthly reports via email Shutdown of UPS connected equipment IN-SITU Technical support Phone support Protocol Versatility

Industrial Batteries

installation, maintenance, repair and supply of batteries in the field of maintenance and logistics

The Battery Cloud: an exclusive Renobat ®DefinitionBattery Cloud is a device that, placed on any battery, will analyze, optimize and desulfate; At the same time it will send constant information during 24/365 of any anomaly that it detects generating a corrective report and a repair budget.with the Battery Cloud our customers will be able to important savings in electricity, repairs and early replacement of batteriesand that, in the face of any anomaly, an automatic report can be generated that the technician or the client may receive with a solution proposal.We are applying to the batteries the concept of “continuous improvement” that the companies that implement the ISO certificatesuse.Features of the “Battery Cloud”the maintenance Service of remote optimization (from now on battery Cloud)that we will do by means of the device placed in each battery has the following essential points: For the final customer or for the maintenance company: Controls Hours of battery operation. Charging hours Intermediate loads Electrolyte level Over-charging batteries The State of sulfate The state of the elements anticipating future repairs. The device detects the need causes a desulfate of the batteries automatically. It extends the life of the elements thanks to the equalization of the voltages at all times. access to the “back-end” where the status and evolution of each of the batteries is We must add the following advantages for the maintenance or industrial service company : There are no displacements to know the deficiencies of the batteries. access to the state information of all batteries from anywhere and at any time with the detection, among other parameters, of lack of electrolyte, voltage failures of certain elements, hours of operation, load, loads Intermediate… Vital information on battery operation. technical information of the condition of the batteries to be able to make proposals of improvement to the client. They will have scaled prices according to purchased devices and active devices. At least once a year we must present ourselves at the end customer’s premises to: advice on improving energy systems (Chargers, batteries, accessories,…) In order to reduce spending on electricity and repairs. This advice will be given by the results of the reports and incidents emitted by the “Battery Cloud”. Proceed, upon acceptance of the budget, to resolve the corrective measures proposed by the “Battery Cloud”. Taking advantage of this visit to: The adjustment of the water levels of the batteries to avoid problems of spillage, excess or lack of electrolyte. The cleaning of the batteries to eliminate the leakage currents caused by the dirt accumulated in the elements and that reduce the capacity of load of the batteries. change of bridges, screws, connectors, … deteriorated. The control and, if necessary, adjust the acid levels to make the battery take as much load as possible.Advantages we provide to our customers with the “Battery Cloud”with the “Battery Cloud” the Customer It has the remote control 24/365 of the batteries detecting if there is misuse (lack of electrolyte, incomplete loads,…) and deficiencies (voltage, connectors, bridges,…) we stop and prevent premature damage to the cells. We avoid anticipated waste, contributing to the preservation of the environment and improving the image of your company. We save on: repairs Since with our “reports” 24/365 we will detect any deficiencies before it affects the battery more intensely and we have to proceed to great repairs or even that we have to proceed to the change of the whole battery. power consumption: The device comes, when the battery needs it, to a rapid desulfate so the company will save on electrical consumption because the battery is charged before and it takes longer to unload. early replacement of batteries as the “battery Cloud” makes the batteries always work in optimal conditions as it comes at all times to equalize the voltages between the elements of the battery which will result in an extension of your life Useful. With this we get the battery to work in the maximum performance to prolong the life between 2 and 4 years minimum, depending on the type of battery and, mainly, when we started the “Battery Cloud”. And with constant and automatic desulfate we re-lengthen the life of the battery until it reaches its useful life. We save on transport: to do the analyses or optimization (as do most companies) we should not take the battery to our local, but will be “online”. This way the company and we save on transportation costs, battery rental while the process is done or have stopped the device that uses the battery. So our service is very economical to not have to impact these expenses on our bill.Competitive advantages and strengths of our proposalBelow, we note a number of advantages that being a partner of Renobat ® will provide you with respect to the potential competition in your area of influence: Business model based on making companies save energy. To be able to offer a service, the “battery Cloud” or optimization of industrial and photovoltaic batteries at a distance, with an own production device that will desulfate the batteries when they need it without intervention of any technician. With the battery Cloud we will have the “report” of all the anomalies of the remote controlled batteries and 24/365. Besides optimizing at a distance with the battery Cloud we can also offer the service of regeneration of all kinds of batteries and the optimization in person with our machine to proceed to provide service in the ships where there is no wifi. Services are made at the customer’s home. The initial fixed costs inherent in the business are irrelevant. For starters, you won’t need a local. The exclusive training in batteries and Chargers both online and in-person to which you will have access. And then, if your basic training allows it, in SAI. The undefined technical support for the success of the company with an assigned tutor.Therefore, it will buy an exclusive system of integral business in batteries.”Battery Cloud” Management: Partnersto manage the reports of anomalies that the “Battery Cloud” will emit 24/365 Renobat ® proposes the figure of the Renobat ® partners or delegates. Our partners will know in advance, without moving from the office and at a click of the computer, if the batteries are used correctly and prevent the failures. At the same time that they will be optimized preventing their load capacity to be reduced and we have to change it in advance.

Optimization of industrial batteries

Fast Desulfatethe Optimization service (now on fast desulfate) that we do at the customer’s home has the following essential points:

  • adjusting the water levels of the batteries to avoid problems of spillage, excess or lack of water.
  • cleaning of the batteries to eliminate the loss of capacity due to leakage currents caused by the dirt accumulated in the elements.
  • internal Battery desulfate lasting between 60 and 90 minutes for each accumulation of 80 volt batteries. The accumulation of sulfate in lead plates makes the percentage of energy needed to charge the battery higher. Therefore, when removing this sulfate the Chargers will work efficiently and the charging time is lower, making the energy saving between 30-40%.
  • advice to improve energy systems (chargers, batteries, accessories, etc.)to reduce costs in repairs.
  • post-optimization service to monitor the evolution of battery status. We’ll let you know before you go.

Battery Maintenance Benefits

  • The most important thing is that from the first moment you will save as the battery is charged before and it takes longer to unload, extending its useful life. As the battery works at maximum performance, it extends life by at least 2 to 4 years (depending on the type of battery).
  • The sooner we start this rapid desulfate, the more we lengthen the life of the battery until it reaches its useful life. And this implies economic savings for the company.
  • This type of maintenance stops and prevents premature damage to the cells.
  • It avoids waste, contributing to the preservation of the environment and improving the image of your company.
  • We should not take the battery to our local to do the analyses or optimization (as do most companies) but will be done at the client’s premises. This saves transport costs, battery rental While the process is being done or the device using the battery is stopped.

Why is our service useful?

By hiring our service you will be able to make your batteries much longer life as they work in optimal conditions.

Therefore, doing our maintenance with fast desulfate will be profitable as you will only have to make a small investment every year. The result will be reflected in an increase in battery life that can go from the year to the double of your life. And in energy savings because the battery will charge much better.

We provide service of optimization or rapid desulfate of industrial batteries to all Spain.

Preventative Battery Review

Preventive review of industrial batteries

If you decide to take control of your batteries you will get benefits such as: control of which charger is suitable for each battery, recommendations of battery changes according to the working hours or cycles, table with review of adequate water levels, Elaboration of processes to optimize the production, strategies to be followed to make an economic saving with the batteries, recommendations of treatment of batteries to the people in charge, control of the battery status at all times, saving Economical in electricity consumption, good prices with new batteries, etc.

Preventive reviews include:

  • Quarterly Review and technical report of each of the batteries
  • Deep yearly cleaning of each battery
  • Includes 20 plugs and 20 connections

Impact of not conducting preventive maintenance:

  • Repair of electronic plates of the bull.
  • Decreases battery life
  • Costly battery repairs.
  • Improper electrolyte level repairs.
  • Without anticipation of the investment in batteries.
  • Increased battery leakage current.
  • Etc.

We provide service of inspection and preventive maintenance of industrial batteries to all Spain.

Battery Repair

Simple and advanced repairs

At Renobat we are very aware of the disbursement required to replace a non-functioning battery. But did you know that substitution is not always necessary?

Battery providers are always willing to sell new batteries, but a new battery is not always the right solution and this is where renobat can help you because we don’t focus on selling new batteries but on optimizing the one you are using.

We currently provide a fast and efficient service for the entire peninsula.

Our experienced and trained staff will come to your facility and conduct thorough battery testing to accurately determine the cause of the battery’s poor performance.

Once the results are determined, we will provide you with a report where your best options will be exposed.

Then you can decide which is the most appropriate option to meet your individual needs.

What do we repair?

  • DC Plugs and cables.
  • Connectors.
  • The individual cells.
  • Lead links.
  • Flexible links.
  • Screws.
  • Covered by the connections.
  • Vent caps.
  • Automatic filling system for one point.
  • Tubes and clamps.
  • Watering pistols and bottles.
  • Water levels.
  • Acid levels.
  • Chargers.
  • Loading and unloading cycles.

Don’t be fooled by an expensive purchase that you may not need. Contact us for all services and repair requirements.

We provide repair service of industrial batteries throughout Spain.

Battery regeneration

What happens to the battery and what can be done?

Lead-acid batteries mainly suffer from sulphates, among other defects. This occurs when the battery is fully discharged and returns to normal when recharged. However as processes to nature are not 100% efficient a part of the sulfate is adhered to the plates and makes the total capacity of the battery is affected, making consume more to charge the battery and cause high temperatures to the battery (effect that causes its useful life to decrease).

a treatment during your lifetime or a later set procedure may cause the battery to lengthen or regain your life. A previous analysis will tell us which state the battery is in and will diagnose if it is feasible to be recovered. This service will allow the employer that the battery can last longer and thus make an economic saving.

We have the appropriate tools for the regeneration of traction batteries of forklifts, electric bulls and batteries of golf cars, boats, trains, telecommunications, companies of generation and distribution of energy, etc.

Battery regeneration or slow desulfate

Our service of slow battery desulfate (regeneration) includes the following essential points:

  • It looks for economic savings in batteries.
  • The price goes according to the improvement and the increase of the working capacity of the battery.
  • The guarantee will go according to the improvement and the final capacity being the maximum of one year.
  • The service is done in each customer, without the need to carry the battery.
  • The service lasts between 24 and 48h.
  • A contract is completed which includes tracking the status of the battery or after-sales service.

We give service of regeneration or slow desulfate of industrial batteries to all Spain.

Battery recovery

Some of the products that make up the lead-acid batteries can be recycled. However, the main components, lead and sulfuric acid are very dangerous if not properly managed and should be recycled in a way that is not dangerous to the environment (legal penalties for improper disposal can be Important).

Pursuant to article 7.1 of law 10/1998, of 21 April, of waste, any producer shall be obliged to take charge of the collection and management of the same quantity, by weight, and type of batteries, accumulators and used batteries which he has placed on the market. , whichever is the mode of sale, either direct, electronic, by mail or automatic. The following points must be held responsible for this:

  • To take charge of the collection and management of the waste at the end of the product’s useful life.
  • To finance the management of the collection and recycling systems.
  • Request authorization in your autonomous community and register as a product in the REI-WEEE Registry of the Ministry of Industry.
  • To guarantee the fulfillment of the objectives of weight collection.

If you have a battery (lead-acid, nickel or lithium) either traction, stationary or starter we have the necessary means for your collection throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

We give service of recovery of industrial batteries to all Spain.

Battery RentingRenting or buying?Renting equipment is a modality of long-term acquisition of equipment goods that can integrate quality service performance. In exchange for a fixed monthly fee, you will be able to purchase a battery or machinery without making a high initial investment.With the following advantages: You can avoid the obsolescence of your equipment assets and adapt to changes more quickly. It will not be necessary to allocate financial resources to the acquisition of new equipment. At the end of the years of renting that have been established can acquire the equipment either by a residual value or directly (previously to establish). It will allow you to eliminate the variable costs of maintenance, insurance… You will have No worries about the correct functioning of the batteries or acquired goods, we will take care of it.Services provided included in the fee: Management of the facility and general services Hiring of insurance and maintenance arranged in each case Permanent advice for the renovation, expansion and/or updating of the contracted equipment. In case of replacement or renewal of equipment, management of repurchase of the substituted ones and purchase of the new ones. Maintenance. By means of agreements with prescribers, certain maintenances with a level of personalized services can be incorporated.Sure You will be subscribed to an insurance policy for rented goods. Coverage of claims and their repair. Equipment located in premises which must be protected at least with fire extinguishers and physical protections of armoured door or metal door with safety latch, as well as protection to all accessible spaces with a wooden safety flap, gratings and Blinds. Franchises dependent on the type of well-rented, paid by the client. Regular market coverage.Taxation In the case of agreements with specifiers and depending on the repurchase values and time of the operation can be considered as a pure lease and have fiscal treatment as expenditure.

ConsultingConsultancy buys second-hand bullWhen a company is looking for a second-hand electric trolley It can be found with hidden defects in the battery.Simply when we buy a second Hand electric trolley, either a bull, a retractable or an electric pallet, the main problem we find is to know What state the battery is in. By having this ignorance one can buy a machine for a price that does not correspond with its state.Then it may be that after buying it we find that we have to change the battery after very little time. Therefore, to know before the battery condition will save us many headaches and of pocket.What do we offer?We offer you two options: We will look for the electric trolley, bull, retractable or electric pallet truck that suits better to your needs and budget. we can directly inspect a wheelbarrow that the customer has located.When we have found the right machine according to these requirements will be a general inspection of the state and corroborate that that machine is the one that our client needs. Then a thorough analysis of the battery will be done to know its real state, the working hours and how long it will last. If this corresponds to the expectations of the customer and his budget it will be recommended to buy the trolley.What do we win?Our services are charged by three systems according to the circumstances: If the customer finally buys an old bull with a dead battery. We would get this as a change of service offered. And be able to choose to offer a new battery. We can establish a maintenance contract for battery optimization. Establish a fee for the service provided.Please contact us and we will find the right solution for you.Which wheelbarrow should we choose?Define the most appropriate support solution to the needs of the business and, from there, choosing the brand among the many options that the market presents is not an easy task at all. The objective, of course, is to look for the machine that offers the most guarantees while at the same time obtaining the lowest price for the transported ton. All this with the highest rate of availability and performance. The task of analyzing and comparing each of the brands, models and maintenance options can be made endless. However, there are always a few premises that the chosen machine must meet: To be able to do the work that is required and which according to its characteristics can carry out. That suits future jobs. That their application does not imply changes in the environment, in the load or personnel. If they were necessary they would have to assess what benefits they could bring. That has the ability to withstand point workloads or increase productivity by moving more units or using less time.Features:On the other hand, depending on the specific type of maintenance machine chosen, the individual characteristics must be assessed.For example, if you need an electric forklift it is essential to know the capacity of your battery or the electronic control mode, among many other aspects.

Electrical pictures

Assembly of electrical and Control panels for the protection of the equipment.

Electrical picturesRenobat is also specialized in assembling electrical and control panels.We have an engineering department that cares directly about compliance with the current standards to ensure the quality of the product and a clean and perfect finish.Renobat is made available to the companies for the Assembly of any of the different boxes that are in the market to cover all the needs that can be presented for the protection of the equipment and to make sure that they meet the norms Established for the type of circumstances to which they are intended.We can make a classification according to: Surround Material Application to useDepending on how we apply and use them, the electrical boxes that Mount Renobat ® are designed to solve the following functions: Electrical distribution. Protection and measurement. Public lighting. General Protection box. Centralization of accountants. Electronic, voice and data. Control and command. Installation accessories. Climate.

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