Repair charger Semelec 48v 80 amp and battery regeneration 48v 5PzS 625 Ah

Repair charger Semelec 48v 80 amp and battery regeneration 48v 5PzS 625 Ah

Eparación conventional Single-curve Loader Semelec 48v 80 amps victim of a strong blow that had damaged several components of it. After the charger was hit, the customer continued to use it on a regular basis.

The fault was detected at the end of time because the battery charging this charger, a 48v 5PzS 625 Ah installed on a Still trolley, had lost much of its capacity. To solve the problem, first the battery was applied to a regeneration treatment that returned the lost Capacity.

On the other hand, when checking the loader, it was found that, due to a strong blow, the control plate and some diodes of the rectifying bridge had been damaged. For this reason, some buttons on the charger did not work, the charge cycle did not end automatically and only charged the battery with 25 amps, compared to the 80 amps that it should charge in the first stage of the Load.

Repair charger Semelec 48v 80 amp and battery regeneration 48v 5PzS 625 Ah

Once the loader was reloaded, the customer noticed a great improvement in the autonomy and operation of the TROLLEY. In addition, with the new control card installed in the charger, the customer has the possibility of making loads of equalization to the battery, thus obtaining an improvement in its operation and an increase in the life of the same one.

The work was carried out in a courier and freight transport company located in the industrial estate El Prado de Mérida (Badajoz).

If you have problems with your charger or battery, do not hesitate to contact RENOBAT, as this type of breakdown can cause in the future very expensive repairs, so the sooner they are repaired, the Better.

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