Reload points in all places and for all


Reload points in all places and for all

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from Renobat ® We ask the main manufacturers of electric vehicles a greater involvement in the expansion of a public recharge network and accessible to users.

And it is that, although the autonomy of the batteries increases, and the prices go down, the problem of not having where to recharge will continue to slow down the less enthusiastic with the electric car. The impossibility, or difficulty, to complete their longer movements will continue to reduce the electric car to a minority market niche. Something that could be solved in addition to the evolution of technology, also with the expansion of a large network recharge.

There are cases that put on the table that the problem is serious. People with small mobility needs, 10 or 20 kilometres a day, that the autonomies of the first generation of cars could cover without major problems. The question is when they need to go visit a family member at 500 or 1,000 miles away, or simply to get to their vacation spots and they can’t do it easily, which discourages them in a logical purchase.

According to the statistics available to Renobat ®, 80% of Europeans travel less than 40 kilometres per day and 20% of cars never left their cities. Something that should be an adaptation to the perfection of electric cars capable of surpassing already the 200 or 300 kilometers with each load in real situations. But it is not happening, and one of the reasons besides the price, is the absence of places to recharge.

On many occasions it has been talked about that car manufacturers are not interested in the business of recharging Points. The problem as we see is that, without reload points, there are no sales. therefore, until the market is more mature, it should be the marks that champion this deployment.

From Renobat ® We ask these manufacturers to make an effort to expand public recharge networks and, above all, make them also accessible to all Users. Something that has to do with the installation of thousands of recharge points in dealers and that certainly has not been a good strategy.

Although manufacturers put on the market electric vehicles with a 400km autonomy will not be a massive sales model without a larger reloading Network.

For example, we can see how the best selling models in Europe in the first semester, precisely the two Renault-Nissan alliance, ZOE and LEAF, have managed to deliver until July 17,146 and 11,007 units respectively. By comparison we can see the figures of Renault Clio that in the same period has delivered 171,131 Units. A difference that shows us the long Way to Go.

And nothing better than to see the dynamics of The only manufacturer that has opted to offer its customers a fast and accessible recharge network 24 hours a day. Tesla. The network of superchargers, along with the cargo in destination, have become one of the pillars of the American manufacturer that can launch models such as model 3, with less battery capacity than their rivals, less autonomy, but that will be sold in much more High. And one of the causes of this success will be the cargo Network.

What does Renobat propose to manufacturers?

Undoubtedly taking the recharge stations from the dealers enclosure would be a very important point. It would help to increase the confidence of the users in their movements, with the consequent progress of the Sales. To be able to access the points without having to rely on activations, bad faces, unlocking, commercial hours or parking of vehicles of the brand, would be an important incentive for the Users.

In addition, installing these points in the concession, but as we say accessible 24 hours a day, would have another secondary impact that would benefit the BRANDS. That is, if the driver of an electric has to go to a store to be recharged, the chances are very important to take advantage of the waiting time to visit the establishment, and that visit may be a new client in the Future.

A few stations that would not have to be free to have a noticeable effect on users. of course, What Renobat ® recommends is that these points can be used even by those who do not have the corresponding card or credit, and can be paid as done in a gas station with a card or via the Internet.

This post is also available in: esEspañol caCatalà