Regeneration Elements 8 OPzS 1200Ah in Batteries Girona

Regeneration Elements 8 OPzS 1200Ah in Batteries Girona

Battery Regeneration Service applied to the 8OPzS 1200Ah elements of a solar installation.

As the battery cycles increase, the sulfate accumulates on the plates forming a resistive layer. The formation of this plate causes the charging time to increase by 10-15% and the battery capacity to decrease causing the battery to be prematurely changed. According to the international battery council, 70% of the batteries die prematurely because of the Sulfate. By applying our battery regeneration procedures, We eliminate the accumulated sulphate and increase the Battery’s carrying Capacity.

We offer our service of regeneration of industrial batteries in applications like pallet trucks, forklifts, forklifts, electric bulls, etc. Learn through the form: batteries Girona

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