Reasons for the electrification of fleets in urban environments


Reasons for the electrification of fleets in urban environments

From Renobat ® We have analyzed the main reasons for the implantation of electric vehicles in service fleets and, among them, we emphasize:

  • economic reasons, producing a savings in the Total cost of operation or TCO.
  • Environmental and health reasons: These are inherent reasons for the use of a non-polluting vehicle. Nowadays society is being “badly-accustomed” to waking up every morning with a pollution dome that literally suffocates the population. This problem is eliminated with the use of this type of vehicle.
  • reasons of Corporate Social responsibility:CSR has become a strategic challenge, a tool to provide added value to the brand and a differentiating element of products and services.
  • Normative reasons: Many European companies are working hard to adapt their urban nuclei to a zero-emission environment, applying restrictions on urban traffic access to high-emission vehicles, providing parking and recharging places For V.E., and granting tax exemption on this type of vehicle.

For all these reasons Renobat is made available to companies, whether public or private, who want to transform their thermal vehicles into electric.


Conventional tourismElectric tourismELECTR vehicle. Light
Investment (€)€12,000.00€30,000.00€20,000.00
NET investment (€)€12,000.00€24,000.00€14,000.00
Years of amortization555
Annual cost investment€2,400.00€4,800.00€2,800.00
Average daily travel808080
Daily consumption(l or KWh) 5 litres15 KWh10 kWh
Operating days200200200
Price Diesel vs KWh€1.30€0.15€0.15
Annual cost consumption€1,300.00€450.00€300.00
Maintenance cost€400.00€200.00€200.00
Annual TCO€4,100.00€5,450.00€3,300.00