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Product lines

In Renobat we cover all the service routes with the best products that you can see below:

Electric mobility

Components necessary for the electrification of vehicles


Renobat ® It helps you to choose the most suitable drive, from the inverter or motor to the most suitable transmission with its corresponding control adjusted to maintain maximum efficiency at all times.

Renobat has different inverter options for power from 1kw to 300 Kw and voltages from 24v to 800V.

The engines are adapted to the most demanding demands that the application requires and according to the chosen inverter. The power can range from 1kw to 300kW and a motor device up to 8000 Nm depending on the application.

It is calculated if the transmission is necessary and is added to the motor train.

Control of the entire system is vital. That’s why Renobat ® has controllers, in this way, the whole system operates with maximum efficiency at all times Also taking advantage of regenerative braking. All control data are collected by the switchboard and shipped via the CAN BUS protocol and under SAE 1939.

Batteries and BMS

A very important part of the process of designing a new electric vehicle or of transforming a thermal or hybrid into electric is to choose very well the most suitable battery and BMS.

Lithium batteries

The range of HP (high power) batteries manufactured by Renobat ® meets the specificities of the different business applications in all sectors.

Mainly recommended are lithium-iron-phosphate batteries with different alloys, but we are always investigating to be able to find new batteries with more energy density always with a robust design to be used in environments particularly hostile.

LiFePO4 Lithium batteries are more stable, safe and durable than any other type of battery, being interesting for critical applications such as aeronautics, automotive, logistic stores, robotics and medicine.

The differential of price with respect to other type of batteries is in the background in front of the amortization much longer and a minimum maintenance, as well as a series of characteristics like:

  • Number of cycles between 2000 and 3000 at 100% of discharge
  • They keep all their power up to the very moment of downloading
  • double the power capacity batteries of comparable measure lead-acid
  • Performance without decrease in temperature between -20 º C and 60 º C
  • Support Fast loads
  • They can go in any orientation without danger

Renobat ® develops modular battery systems.

This system is very important and indispensable so that, in the face of a partial failure, the vehicle will continue to operate for some time giving security to the passengers or merchandise and time to the technicians to make the change of the element that may fail.

Specific components and design development are flexible and system-wide control allows for adaptation to the set of constraints to ensure interoperability and communication between each module.


BmsRenobat’s management systems are a BMS that can be programmed and managed by WiFi and battery-related ensure sustainable operation, regardless of the technology used.

These management systems simplify battery performance analysis and are essential for monitoring the status of the various battery components and tracking the performance data.

the Renobat ® BMS system actively controls the load balance of all battery cells and protects it by preventing it from operating out of its optimum operating range, as well as optimizing its ability to prevent low voltage or over-voltage .

Features that are essential to control for battery performance and longevity.

Power Electronics

The Renobat ® engineering team allows us to design the most suitable power electronics for the application required by the customer to have the proper safety: contactors, fuses,… all governed and managed by BMS. Power Electronics

The technological experience of the Renobat ® group in power Electronics is not a “fad” due to the electric vehicle market, but it has its roots in the group’s awareness and accountability to environmental issues.

the application of the technological knowledge in power electronics that have the technicians of Renobat ® on the electric vehicles is one of the key points to develop this type of vehicles and demonstrates our commitment with the challenges Related to sustainable mobility.

Therefore, Renobat ® has acquired a system-wide experience necessary for the proper functioning of an electric vehicle: drive system, battery, battery control system and power conversion.


View Products/ Chargers

The Renobat ® technical team helps you to choose the most suitable high power charger considering whether you want fast or slow, internal or external loading.

The powers with which Renobat ® Chargers work range from 2kw to an approximately 200Kw charger.

Renobat ® Battery chargers for electric vehicles offer special features or charging algorithms that aim to improve battery performance, reduce charging time and increase service life.

However, the Chargers are controlled by BMS by control by CAN BUS and under the most demanding standards.


Renobat ® can provide on-line management of the entire network associated with electric vehicles and choose the most appropriate parameter data to have a complete management of the state of the vehicle remotely.

This system implements a module designed specifically for the storage and processing of relevant information about the vehicle with respect to consumption (speed, acceleration, abrupt braking etc.) and the monitoring of environmental parameters ( Pollution sensors, environmental sensors, etc.).

The system directly informs the driver of the degree of driving efficiency through the bus console, while sending the recorded data to a control center for further analysis.

The aim is to use this technology to achieve energy savings and a reduction in vehicle maintenance costs and the environmental impact of public transport vehicles.


Range of vehicles without driver, battery systems and Chargers

AGV Fork Lift

the AGV with fork lifts are designed to transport palletized loads.

They stand out for their flexibility because the weight range and the format of the load they support is very wide, mating to a wide variety of goods.

These AGV models offered by Renobat ® can have a maximum speed of 1.5 m/s and can carry a weight of up to 10 tonnes and 8m elevation. The temperature at which they can work varies between-20 °c and 45 °c.


Range of modular products and batteries for UPS equipment

Competitive advantages

Renobat SAI-ups equipment is designed to offer the best value for money to ensure the power supply without interruption. We can identify the following characteristics:

  • High performance with power factor around 100%
  • Reliable first-brand components
  • We use Modular technology for more critical situations
  • We use the best-performing batteries

In addition to Renobat we install, repair and replace UPS batteries in all computer networks and high power installations, as well as studies and custom projects and contracts Telemaintenance, Preventive Maintenance and corrective maintenance multi-brand.


UPS Systems are essential for the following type of application:

  • Computer systems and Networks
  • Power plants
  • Telecommunications
  • Security Systems
  • Industrial processes
  • Medical equipment


Assured availability

Through our network of delegations we can offer any EquipoSAI-UPS in the peninsula:

  • Andalusia: Malaga, Sevilla, Huelva and Córdoba.
  • Castilla la Mancha: Toledo.
  • Castilla y León: Valladolid, Zamora, Salamanca, Avila, Segovia and Palencia.
  • Catalonia: Girona, Barcelona and Tarragona.
  • community of Madrid.
  • Valencian Community: Castellón de la Plana.
  • Extremadura: Cáceres and Badajoz.
  • Murcia
  • Basque Country: Vizcaya.

Photovoltaic solar power

Components for isolated or networked photovoltaic installations.

Photovoltaic solar power

Technical features

In Renobat we offer photovoltaics isolated and connected to the network, developing all the necessary phases for the execution of the project:

  • Analysis and feasibility studies
  • Control of factors: irradiation, sizing, consumption…
  • Presentation of possibilities of architectural integration
  • Study and personalized offer
  • Processing and management of subsidies
  • Surveillance, preventive and corrective maintenance



The range of products offered are intended for:

  • Photovoltaic electrical Installations
  • Telecommunications
  • Signage and Lighting


Range of products

See the complete listing in our product catalogue:


Photovoltaic panels

Mono-crystalline and polycrystalline 100w up to 320W.



Current Inverters

DC power converters from 12v to 220v alternating current with pure sine wave.



Load controllers

protection, control and direction of the charging and recharging process of the batteries.



Solar Batteries

For all kinds of applications. Monoblock, OPzS, TOPzS and frontal terminal (AGM).


Battery and recharging systems

Range of industrial batteries for different applications, chargers and accessories

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