Photovoltaics report that the state has only paid 40% of the promised in 2014


Photovoltaics report that the state has only paid 40% of the promised in 2014

The National Association of Photovoltaic Energy Producers (Anpier) has reported that the administration owes the sector 40% of the amounts corresponding to the liquidations of the months elapsed in the year 2014.

In a statement, the employer underlines that, in addition, these settlements already apply a reduction of income of up to 50% with respect to the remunerations guaranteed by the state, so, with respect to the envisaged, the sector “has entered half a mere 35% of l or initially Guaranteed. ”

thus, Anpier points out that in the coming days the producers of photovoltaics will have to face the payments to the banks of the ninth quota of the year, that were established according to the remunerations fixed by royal decree and that were calculated in “the vast majority of the cases” Following the recommendations of the Ministry of Industry Itself.

The president of Anpier, Miguel Angel Martínez-Aroca, has regretted that “this great masquerade have benefited the usual at the expense of 62,000 families who, in good faith, trusted the word of the state.”

thus, He denounced “a strategy to stifle economically and morally the production families to expel them from the energy sector and to make public derision of what happens when the citizen dares to question the lucrative businesses that, at the expense of the depleted Family income, health, Environment and national security, deteriorate welfare in favor of the private interests of an economic elite with the capacity to suggest a supposed general interest “