LGM Electric Vehicles Studio

LGM Electric Vehicles Studio

The company LGM Estudio de Navarra designs custom Electric Vehicles.

This company from Navarra has realized that there may be a market for a worm of small electric vehicles for multiple Uses.

The Spanish company LGM Estudio de Olite/Navarra designs and manufactures electric vehicles focused on electric micro-transport to satisfy any need of its customers, a range ranging from models for handicapped, small vehicles of transport and replicas of antique cars with electric motor.

The LGM e-worker S80, for example, is a pedal-free tricycle for different services, such as messaging, surveillance, private use, golf courses and many more Uses. It can be supplied with a small closed box to carry valuable documents.

This vehicle stands out for its ability to drag up to 400 kg with the help of an electric motor of 1000w, Although you can choose motors of 250w, 350w, 500w and 800w, according to the need of the Customer. Powered by a removable lithium-ion battery, it reaches a speed of up to 45 km/h and an autonomy of up to 120 kilometers depending on the state of the terrain and the User’s Use.

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