In 3 years, the market of vehicles 0 emissions could reach in Spain 8% share

In 3 years, the market of vehicles 0 emissions could reach in Spain 8% share

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At the end of 2017, Madrid hosted the third edition of the Nissan Mobility forum, an event that has given the appointment of more than 200 key people in the development of electric mobility and with a wide institutional representation. Renobat, as a company involved in electric mobility, has attended this event to be up to date with the requests and demands of the Sector.

Marco Toro, managing director of Nissan Iberia, insisted on his intervention on the development problems and solutions that are contributing the zero emissions vehicles. He highlighted the possibilities that Spain has as a country to lead this evolution of the zero positioning emissions in the market as a leader in this Technology.

According to Toro, “in three years, the electric vehicle market in Spain could reach an 8% quota.” “if we get an ecosystem with a stable and more financially endowed acquisition plan, a VAT sales tax and a normative environment that favors the development of these new technologies and the rapid implementation of an infrastructure network of cargo, the electric vehicle market in Spain will achieve a quota of 8% in three Years. (120,000 vehicles). ”

Today the intention of buying the consumer to the electric vehicle is high, this intention of purchase transferred to the Spanish market would be a fee of 18% in the year 2025.

The head of Nissan referred to the need to carry out concrete measures to accelerate this Situation. To meet these challenges, the Japanese Company’s proposals are based on:

-purchase incentives that are stable and with greater economic endowment than the previous ones, as well as a reduction or exemption of the VAT of the electric Vehicles.

-homogenization of the measures to encourage the use of the vehicle zero emissions throughout spain.

-remodeling of the figure of the load manager, a normative framework suitable for the development of the vehicle to grid (V2G) and, mainly, implantation and faster development of the infrastructure Network.

-greater commitment of the public administrations in the purchase of fleets Zero Emissions.

-positive Communication in order to make known the advantages of zero emissions in economic and social matters.

From Renobat We support all these proposals, but, to be rigorous with our principles, we decided decisively for the transformation of all types of thermal traction vehicles that are not obsolete in electric traction by modifying the Vehicle. Making such modifications for a single vehicle is economically expensive, but not for fleets from 12 Units.

for this reason, from renobat, we make available of any company that is aware of reducing the pollution of the planet, to transform its thermal fleets into Electrical.

This post is also available in: esEspañol caCatalà