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What do we offer in renobat?

The differential values offered by renobat to a great diversity of companies are savings, cutting-edge technology and security.


Applied mainly to AGV projects: Automated Guided Vehicle. In renobat we develop programmed vehicles that work autonomously  for industrial, food or distribution companies, making them more competitive and saving costs.

Cutting edge technology 

Applied mainly to electrification projects (Powertrain). In renobat we develop projects for automotive or transport companies to transform fleets of thermal vehicles into electric vehicles or for new electrification projects. 


Applied mainly to equipment sensitive to oscillations or power cuts proposing a wide range of UPS.


Our objetive is to achieve the confidence of our customers. 

That’s why we put at our disposal our engineering team which, with the support of the best European companies in each field and having a wide experience, can develop with great efficiency customized projects and find the best solution within the areas of AGV, Powertrain and SAI. 

Mission, vision and values


From renobat® we believe that any person or company has the right to produce their own energy and become independent of the global electricity network.

From here we highlight that the mission renobat is to find the system in which companies produce, in every moment and circumstance, energy in the most autonomous, decentralized, cheap and clean way possible .


renobat® wants to be a reference company at an international level that:

  • Help increase the energy savings consumed by companies 
  • Help the transformation of thermal vehicles to electric vehicles 
  • Help modulate electricity disturbances or failures 
  • Provide the means to produce energy horizontally and cleanly for all


The fundamental values of renobat® are:


For renobat® innovation is a key and fundamental aspect in the development of its activity. For this, it carries out the innovation from the structure of the company to the products that it will produce in the future. renobat® wants to bring new forms of production and new applications within the field of energy and the development of new products with the most advanced technology, all oriented towards savings.



renobat seeks the greatest efficiency with the greatest speed by applying these concepts to all the actions of the company. Each project is carried out with the premise of consuming less energy and decreasing the consumption of resources on the planet. 



The non-pyramidal internal structure of renobat allows communication from the operator to the manager. Any employee of the company can advise, recommend and bring improvements to the manager before making a decision.


renobat® was born in 2009 from the concern of its founder, to seek energy innovations that lead to economic savings in the area of ​​production, storage and distribution of energy.

As a starting point it was detected that in the industrial lead acid batteries sector there is a big problem and it is the inefficiency in its use. We created the concept “optimization” applied to lead acid batteries by means of machines, which we have exclusively in Europe, that improve the battery’s capacity.

Through our system, we observe that with an adequate level of maintenance and applying our technology, high levels of energy and environmental savings can be achieved and therefore economic.

Set up
Once the technology was chosen, in 2009 renobat began its journey in Catalonia, achieving a firm and recognized position in this community during its first year and incorporating, from 2012, delegates in various provinces throughout Spain.


Initial technological vision

In the beginning, the main areas of improvement in this field of energy saving focused on:

  • The implementation of innovative maintenance and monitoring procedures and methodologies. In this sense, renobat has developed its own methodology aimed at achieving the objectives of greater efficiency, and at this time it has launched a new concept on the market, the Battery Cloud.
  • The technologies in use. This has always been the biggest challenge: choosing, from all the technologies on the market, the best in terms of efficiency at the best cost: the renobat® optimizer. Until the year 2017 this technology has been used, but at the moment, we have advanced with the Battery Cloud, a BMS card that makes the functions of control, information and optimization connecting directly with a renobat® High Frequency loader and informing the technician by wifi of any anomaly or dysfunction.


Current technological vision

Based on all the experience gained in energy savings applied to industrial batteries during the last 8 years, since 2014 we have been directing our efforts in the fields in which we have been studying and making prototypes for different companies such as the Powertrain projects and the AGV. In addition, we have obtained the representation for Spain of modular UPS, which we market under our own brand with direct support from the factory.

  • Electrification projects referring to the construction or transformation of thermal vehicles into electric vehicles.
  • AGV projects. Vehicles that offer automation to distribution chains.
  • SAI projects. For all types of companies that want to have their equipment or machines insured to alterations or electrical failures.

This post is also available in: esEspañol caCatalà