Electrolyte level Sensors

Electrolyte level Sensors

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The biggest problem when it comes to maintaining a battery is knowing when to fill it with water. Without indicators, the user must program and proceed to weekly Controls. This way, you lose time checking the batteries that do not need to be filled in. Empty batteries can also cause irreparable damage. the electrolyte level indicators offered by Renobat ® are an ideal complement to dramatically improve battery maintenance by subtle warnings to the operator when the battery needs water.

Main characteristics of electrolyte level sensors:

• These indicators provide a clear and visible light signal,

• They are easy to install and Use.

• All models offer a flexible design with a probe that can be cut according to the battery model.

• Ensure greater safety by avoiding exposure of the operators to Acid.

Money Saving

Or it can only fill in the batteries that need water

or increases battery life (battery is not damaged by lack of water) –

Or the minimum cost per battery

Time Savings

or eliminates the cost of having an operator control the level of the Batteries.

or its advanced and accurate technology prevents false diagnoses and

Or maximize the time between fillers

• Easy to use

Or the bright LED provides a clear and visible signal.

Or have a built-in fuse that protects against overvoltages.

• We have available different models with different options according to the needs and requirements of the clients that we will explain in a next article.

The electrolyte level indicators presented by Renobat ® Comply with all the features that we have exposed in this article in addition to It has a small and compact size that allows its fixation on the top of the battery, always visible and with a powerful LED that maximizes its Visibility.

In short, With the electrolyte level indicators proposed by Renobat ® The electrolyte filling is made as required and not by programming it is also a solution that reduces labor costs and increases the life of the battery as an ideal complement to Maintenance you Propose Renobat.


This post is also available in: esEspañol caCatalà