Battery Chargers

Battery Chargers

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Battery Chargers

Battery Chargers. Renobat has all types of chargers: from conventional car battery chargers to high frequency chargers for industrial batteries. We offer you the best offers and diversity in terms of chargers. From Chargers we will buy them by quality of charge to others that we will buy them by price.


Sub-Categories of products

High frequency

Renobat High frequency chargers are designed for different types of applications and batteries: motorcycles, cars, electric pallet trucks, electric trolleys, electric cars, scrubbers, golf carts, lifting platforms, boats, etc. This type of chargers are valid for 12v to 80V lead-acid batteries (AGM, GEL, MF, VRLA) and open lead.


ConventionalRange of conventional chargers for lead-acid batteries (AGM, Gel, MF, VRLA or open) and lithium. Specially indicated from motorcycles and scooters to vehicles, buses, agricultural machinery, boats, caravans, etc.

Charger-Renobat-12v-0-8aCharger Renobat 12 -14, 4v 0.8 A
Designed for motorcycle and scooter batteries (from 1, 2Ah to 20 Ah). Valid for 12v lead acid batteries (AGM, GEL, MF, VRLA and lead open) and lithium.


Charger-Renobat-12v-3-6aCharger Renobat 12-14.7 v 3.6 A
Capable of carrying out three different charging modes: for motorcycles, cars and caravans, nautical, electric chairs, etc. Charge 12v Lead acid batteries, 2Ah to 120Ah (AGM, Gel, MF, VRLA or open) and lithium.


Charger-Renobat-12v-7aCharger Renobat 12-29.4 v 7a
More powerful version and especially suitable for buses, agricultural machinery, boats, caravans, etc. Charge Lead Acid batteries (AGM, Gel, MF, VRLA or open) from 14Ah to 230Ah, both 12v and 24v.


Charger-Renobat-12v-10aRenobat Charger 12v 10a
Conventional single-phase battery charger 12v 10a. Load curve WA According to Noma DIN 41774. Electronic microprocessor Control. Signalling of the charging status via LED. Continuous-load protection greater than 12 h. Equalization phase at the end of the charging phase.

High Frequency Lithium Chargers

High Frequency Lithium ChargersThe Lipower is the new series of high Freqüency Renobat lihtium battery chargers.
Chargers, designed to charge the lithium batteries.


It is based on high frequency technology, presenting a perfect
Combination of very high efficiency, high power factor.
(PFC), universal capacities and precise load control.
The load curve is managed from a CAN bus protocol
According to the BMS application.

The ultra-filtered output current and unique control.
The algorithm ensures a reduction in battery temperature rise,
As well as energy consumption. The Lipower series Chargers are controlled by a new digital device.

Board, equipped with alphanumeric display and keyboard,
Load history recorder, real time programmable clock and
Calendar, audible alarm and connectivity package.

The characteristics of these chargers are almost infinite.

Wireless Lithium Chargers

Lithium and Wireless ChargersSystem Description The wireless charger includes a primary (transmitter) side and a secondary (receiver) side.

The primary side includes Wall-Box and Base-Pad, and a cable between them. It is usually installed on the infrastructure, such as wall or floor. The secondary side includes on-board-Pad and on-board-Electronics, and a cable between them. It is normally installed on mobile devices such as the AGV.

This post is also available in: esEspañol caCatalà